Traditional and modern timber structures.

We are offering our services to the UK market. From sawmilling to fine detailing. We purchase our wood form the local forest directory. All timber is FSC certified.

Oak Frame


From a small pergola to a hAuge barn. We have manufactured and installed a big number of oak projects over the years. No project to small no project to big.

Timber Frame


Complete closed panel systems are our speciality. Panels can be made up to 13m length and 2.7m height.

roof structures


Oak trusses we are very fond of. We put extreme focus on detail and quality.



Cut Roofs

We can cut the whole of the roof structure on our Hundegger K1 machine. You will receive a full set of drawings with all the members labeled for ease of erection.


Standard plated / nailed or bolted trusses as per clients requirements.



We can be your private hire sawmill. We specialise in oak structures. We will be introducing Glulam products in 2020.

We have a large amount of heavy duty machinery.

  • Hundegger K1 .Here we dut your whole roof and mortise tenon the whole building structure.
  • Mebor 1200 Bandsaw Mill with a 15cm wide blade.Very accurate cutting.
  • 2 Rye CNC routers
  • Heavy duty glulam beam press – Fomad.
  • Kiln driers
  • HF Gluing presses



We offer design service for the timber structure industry. We use Dietrich’s Cad/Cam software.


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